What Every Successful Business Needs to Do

Whether your business is a startup, a growing mid-size company or a Main Street “mom-and-pop” store, we welcome you to get started with Peabody business today. Below are the steps to get you started, and we look forward to this opportunity to meet with you in person to learn more about your company. Thank you for doing business in Peabody!

Confirm Proper Zoning

This can be done through the Building Department. See “Building Inspectors” Section for details (single family home/owner occupied offices are exempt). Please consult the City of Peabody Zoning Ordinance, zoning map, and table of use regulations for detailed information.

Obtain Necessary Permits and Obtain Certificate of Occupancy

Types of permits issued by the City of Peabody are listed under Licensing and Permitting.

Register Business

The State of Massachusetts requires that every business obtain a certificate to register a business. This process starts in the Building Department (Inspectional Services) and upon approval a Business Certificate will be issued through the City Clerk.

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