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City Hall Contacts

Office of Mayor Edward A. Bettencourt, Jr.

Mayor Edward Bettencourt, Jr.

Business Liaison


Building Inspector's Office

Tammy Jones

City Clerk's Office

Allyson Danforth

Conservation Commission

Lucia DelNegro

Health and Human Services Department

Debora Osgood

Liquor Licensing Board

Planning Board

Drew Levin


Dan Doucette

Zoning Board of Appeals

Carla McGrath

Outside City Hall Contacts

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“…The perfect place to live and work!”

The city of Peabody’s location and proximity to other thriving hubs make it the ideal setting for any up-and-coming or established business.

With its community support for businesses and residents it is the perfect place to live and work.

Matt Genzale
MRG Construction Management, Inc.
3 Centennial Drive, Suite #150, Peabody MA